First Draft of the First Act…

My first foray into writing a novel has hit its first big milestone. The first act of the first draft has been put together! I started five week’s ago and wasn’t sure I would do much with it. It was purely an exercise in creative writing to offset the reality of my day to day existence. But this thing is now writing itself.

But the time, oh the time!! Where on earth am I supposed to find the time to keep on track, words flowing? Usually in snatches of 10 minutes here and there, daydreaming and working in between.

scrivener word targetIve got to say, I love the Scrivener app, it has made the whole process a breeze. Separating the story into chapters with accessible notes helps with pacing and knowing where I put things for future reference. What colour eyes did that guy have anyway?

Not to mention this little display. I stare at it far too much, it makes me feel productive and pushes me on. Maybe I would be more productive if I stopped looking at the damn thing?

Why 100k words? It’s what the google census seems to agree on as a satisfactory number in terms of the fantasy genre. Which infuriates me. As a reader. But I suppose this little venture has taught me just how exemplary the authors I love are. To captivate an audience and thread a complex story together beyond 100k words is something that is out of most authors’ reach. This is in direct contrast, as a reader, with my need to consume epic stories that span multiple books, all in heavy tomes. I guess that’s just my cross to bear. 😩

So on to the second act. At this point it’s tempting to simply put ‘Stuff happens, bit of a twist, change of perspective,’ and start writing the final act. And it sums up for me what the creative process has been thus far. I know the parameters of the fantasy I am writing, I know the dilema’s the protagonsit is facing, I know where it it is going to end. Well, I think I know where it ends anyway. And yet the second act is where this is all going to take place, the bulk of the work, what will keep people reading (or not).

I have considered myself a ‘pantser’ up until this point, but am contemplating trying to map out a timeline, how this all goes down. Threading the somewhat separate plot lines together in a way that is meaningful and develops the characters will be critical. But just where to start, exactly? Probably with less time in Twitter, less time writing blog posts. More time with bum on seat, letting my typing hands do the talking.

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