Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures

Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures is a series of novelettes where witchy mayhem meets familiar fairy tales and folk lore. Our hero, Gretchen, is a mediocre witch living in a land where magical folk are considered dregs of society. What she lacks in spellcraft, Gretchen makes up for in foolhardiness, gumption, and a heart of gold. These books are lighthearted romps with a good dose of humor, which take a more cynical approach to fairy tale re-tellings.

Along with the stories is a bunch of bonus content which is over at for folks to check out. Gretchen’s a bit of a diva off set, and needs her own web space. Companion pieces from the books include illustrations, flash fiction, letters and missives, and even some jigsaw puzzles.

It all starts at Episode 0.5

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Troll eradication may not be on Gretchen’s resume, but strapped for cash, this witch is prepared to try her hand at bounty hunting.

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‘Fun, quirky, and clever. A delightful blend of modern, magical, and mis-adventure.’

– Goodreads

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‘This story reminded me irresistibly of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Witch books. The feel and the humour are delightfully similar, and while I would argue that no one can truly touch Pratchett when it comes to humorous fantasy, Gretchen can hold her head up high as a more than worthy addition to the genre. I literally giggled aloud more than once, and this is very unusual for me.’

– Two Books Blog

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