AWC Furious Fiction Entry – September

September’s Furious Fiction has come and gone and the criteria for this month were as follows.

  • Each story had to include the name of at least ONE element from the periodic table.
  • Each story’s first and last words had to begin with S.
  • Each story had to contain the words TRAFFIC, JOWLS and HIDDEN.
  • And finally, each story had to include something that BUZZES

‘Good Dog’

“Stanley.” Janet held up a warning finger. “Drop it.”

Stanley rolled his head around with a faint growl.

“Stanley, that’s Mummy’s phone. Drop it.” Janet ran a hand through her hair.

Drool hung in ribbons around Stanley’s jowls, the only sign of his hidden treasure inside. Mummy always took her phone to work. If Stanley kept it from making any noise, maybe she wouldn’t leave. 

“Mummy will get stuck in traffic, Stanley.” Janet groaned and crouched down. “Please be a good boy and drop it.”

Stanley dropped to his belly, head between his paws. He whined, how could he make her understand?

The phone did that thing again and Stanley leapt up with a yelp. Almost losing his quarry, he skidded off down the hallway. The phone buzzed in his mouth, rattling against his teeth. Stanley bounded toward the couch where he leapt up to crash into the cushions, turning circles and whining. Why wouldn’t the phone stop it?

“Oh not the couch, Stanley!” Janet trotted in behind him and tried to push him down, Stanley leaned against her. “You big oaf, you’re made of lead.” Janet grunted and leaned back to reach toward his jaw.

Stanley turned his head, avoiding Janet’s fingers and scrambled to the floor. His ears pricked up. The garage. Whining, he slunk into the kitchen and pushed past chairs underneath the table.

“What is with you today, Stanley?” Janet had her hands on her hips. “I have to go to work.”

Janet dragged the chairs from the table and crawled in beside him. She thought he was a bad boy, Stanley held up a paw to rest on her shoulder.

“I’ll take you for a big walk when I get home. I promise.”

Stanley hung his head, he tried to make her understand. Janet reached into his mouth to pull the phone out and Stanley rolled his tongue around his mouth and sneezed.

“Ugh. This thing is a mess.” Janet crawled out from under the table to take the phone into the laundry.

He would stand guard, then. Stanley trotted out to the door leading to the garage, barring the way. A faint growl rumbled in his chest, he could hear shifting in there. And the smell, this one hadn’t been here for ages.

“Okay, Mummy’s going now.” Janet stepped into the hallway with her bag and stopped short. “What’s the matter now?”

As Janet closed the distance Stanley turned to jump up against the door, his paws resting on the handle.

“Is there a cat in there, boy?” Janet chuckled. “You held my phone hostage over a cat?”

Stanley growled, this time deeper. He could feel his hackles rise and settled into a crouch, waiting. He used to hurt Mummy. Stanley was glad when he left.

Janet reached for the handle and pushed the door open. A figure, next to the car. 

Stanley launched, nobody would hurt his Mummy ever again. He was a good boy, she would see.

Well, I hope you enjoyed September’s Furious Fiction entry.

And I encourage everyone to sign up here to play along next month.

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