AWC Furious Fiction Entry – October

Workplace Woes - Furious Fiction October

Furious Fiction October was a lot of fun. A little more ‘open’ than other months in terms of criteria, I included all twenty words in my story and a few extras just for fun. For those who don’t play along, the instructions were as follows;


  • Your story must take place in a LIBRARY or BOOKSTORE (you can choose which)
  • Your story must include AT LEAST SIX of the following 20 words – each taken from the openings of the previous 20 Furious Fiction winning stories:
  • GAME

‘Workplace Woes’

Kelly pushed the door open with a frown, Oscar had forgotten to lock up after his shift, again. She hit the lights and cast her eyes around; after the weekend she expected the place would need cleaning up, but if someone had come in after hours…

She dumped her backpack behind the counter and set her coffee down next to the register. Wary of who else might be around, she walked down the new releases aisle. She almost upset the display in the front window and held a hand to her chest and rolled her eyes. Oscar hadn’t taken down the cupid suspended from the ceiling and love letters remained strewn across the latest romance titles. She always thought it was a bit of a gimmick, the stack of books remained untouched. Kelly took an assured breath, she was being paranoid, and strode to the back wall to check for anything amiss.

There was an ominous bulge in the shelves, Kelly groaned and trudged to the memoir section. How had someone shoehorned so many titles into one shelf? As she tried to ease the train board book out, no doubt misplaced by small grubby hands, the surrounding books tumbled to the floor. Kelly bent to pick them up and frowned at the cover with a cowboy riding a mechanical bull, what on earth was a western space opera doing in this aisle? It was like the place couldn’t operate without her. She suspected Oscar spent most of his shift watching the game on his phone on a Sunday afternoon.

To get the shop presentable before the nameless masses arrived, she needed to get a move on. Kelly glanced at the clock and grimaced, it must be broken, she changed the battery last week but the time read twelve. Monday mornings were the worst, and this one was shaping up to be a doozy. 

Kelly left the stack of books to head out the back, music was in order, if only to put her in a better mood. As she neared the doorway, she smelt something pungent which sent the hair on the back of her neck on end. She pushed the door open and stared at the beige wall in front of her, feet frozen to the floor. Every fibre of her being screamed at her to turn and run. Steeling herself, she swallowed before taking a tentative step into the kitchenette. A dry reach threatened and Kelly held a hand to her mouth.

As she suspected, a tin of surströmming sat on the bench, half empty. When she next saw Oscar she would throttle him, the man was impossible to work with.

I hope you enjoyed Furious Fiction October edition.

And encourage everyone to sign up to join me next month here.

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