Furious Fiction – January Entry

Furious Fiction in January was a lot of fun, with the criteria lending itself to a new year’s theme. Instead, my mind wandered beyond the stars and I was happy with my first stab at the sci-fi genre.


  • Your story must include a COUNTDOWN of some kind.
  • Your story must include a character who SHARES A SECRET.
  • Your story must include the word SERENDIPITY.


“Three. Two. One.” Shae’s eyes flicked toward Kevin before hitting the eject button.

The velocity pushed them back in their seats as their pod cannoned away from Serendipity. There was no way of knowing if they’d made it out in time. 

“Initiating shields.” Kevin reached up to the overhead controls.

“What are you doing?” Shae hissed. “We don’t know if the others are in range.” 

Kevin flicked the switch, and the pod lurched. “The others are dead. If we stand a chance of making it out of this alive, we need to use all the resources we have at our disposal.”

Tears welled in Shae’s eyes. All those people. It wasn’t right that she got a free ticket out of there when so many would perish. She gripped her restraints as the pod shuddered.

“A bad patch of turbulence. I’ll get you out of this, Shae.” He turned his head toward her with a grim smile.

She clenched her teeth, ready to ride out the shock waves. With a ship that size, it could be a long wait for things to settle down. And if the force field failed to activate—the emergency lights flashed red, and the cabin fell into darkness. Kevin swore and leaned forward to check the error signals.

“What is it? What’s happening?” 

“Some debris must have gotten in ahead of the shield. It’s probably taken out some sensors.” He closed his eyes and drew a sharp breath through his nose. “Looks like we’re flying blind.” 

Panic bloomed in Shae’s stomach.

“You’re the best goddamn pilot in the Federation. If anyone can get us out of here, it’s you. There’s too much riding on this.”

Kevin bit his lip and gave a small nod before spreading his fingers out across the dash. 

“Can we get a message out? The codes. If we don’t get them to the station…” She couldn’t bring herself to say it. A whole colony was depending on them.

Kevin’s eyes darted. “No.”

“The League must have known our location. The comms must be compromised. We need to take the chance. If they can input the codes before they are intercepted—”

“It’s done, Shae. The colony was lost before the mission even started.” Kevin’s shoulders slumped. “The Federation are more interested in protecting their resources than the people living there.”

Shae’s mouth worked. “What are you talking about?”

Kevin turned to her with a sneer. “Think about it. If it was the colony they were trying to protect, why would they have kept the code off the database? Why would they keep it in an encrypted chip on one person?” 

Shae’s hand rose instinctively to her temple, the lump barely perceptible. Kevin had found her in the docks first. Insisted they leave before the alarm was raised.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Her breath came in ragged gasps. “You’re one of them.” 

“The League stands up to the Federation,” he said. “And I stand with them.”

Furious Fiction for January is done and dusted.

And I can’t wait to see what the team at AWC will throw at us next month. If you would like to play along sign up here. I’d love to see your stories.

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