What I've been reading in July

What I’ve Been Reading in July

Reading in July got a little tough with a lot on my plate personally and book related biz. I tend to read before going to sleep, and getting up at five in the morning to start tapping away at the keyboard makes my eyes a little droopy by the time I pick up the kindle. Nevertheless, I have some great titles to share with you this month, and hope to cross a few more on my TBR pile next month 🙂

But hey, look at the color palate of these covers? Must have channeled my inner interior designer when picking them up. Because of COURSE curating titles by color should be a thing… haha!

What I've been reading in July

Blackbirch: The Dark Half

The long awaited (no, feels like Kate released book 1 last week) second installment in the Blackbirch series is out, and this time Josh meets the girl of his strange dreams in book 1. Spurred on not only to learn more about his magick, but about her too, the pair get closer and Josh’s friends look into her past. Things don’t add up. With murder and death plaguing Kallie, Josh is determined to support her, but inevitable twists and turns have you guessing the entire way through.

Josh’s history and familial ties are further explored in this book, and the overall arc of this series is slowly building. Kate balances the here and now, the setting, the backdrop and budding relationships with the secondary characters seamlessly. Looking forward to the next one.

You can find it on Amazon here.

what I've been reading in July

Help! My Facebook Ads Suck

Anyone who has looked at the Facebook ads platform for the first time knows how convoluted and complicated it can be. I’ve dabbled in ads before, but once I had an ad up and running for a free promotion I got around to picking up this book. It was immensely helpful. Iif I had of read it before setting up my promo ad, I would have spent a lot less to reach many more people.

I even have a few ads in the background ticking along on a regular basis now! Not bad when to date I haven’t done well with the Amazon ads platform.

Get in on Amazon here.

Bad to the Crone

I’ve actually listened to Amanda M. Lee on the Self Publishing Show podcast. My ears pricked because I’ve seen her books flitting around on the Amazonverse. Some of them even on my ‘also broughts’ for the Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures series. And you know what? I’m not surprised, given this author writes 9k words a day. 3 words an HOUR! Amazing, huh?

The protagonist, Scout, has been sent to a new town in the middle of nowhere as part of the spells angels, and teams up with the love-him-hate-him colleague to catch a killer. Things get spookier than that, and we explore Scout’s past… or lackthereof.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Looking for more book recommendations? Check out last month’s reading list here.

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