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Troll hunting might not be on Gretchen’s resume, but strapped for cash, she’s prepared to try her hand at bounty hunting.

And maybe a stray love potion while she’s at it. Without a decent payday in months, she’s close to calling it quits, and if she doesn’t come through, her reputation — and the prospect of more customers — will be ruined.

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When my Great Aunt Tabby passed away, it wasn’t just a shock. As a seer, she should have seen it coming.

Except she didn’t. So as the newly single and unemployed member of the Crowe family, it was up to me to head to Australia to see to her affairs. Partly to keep the magical family relics from falling into the wrong hands, and also to quiet the bad feeling working its way around my belly.

But trying to piece together the life of a woman who I only ever saw at Christmas was harder than I’d expected. And when I figured out there was mystery afoot, all of my aunt’s friends became suspects in my mind’s eye.

A world away from home, I’d need to figure out where my life was leading, and whether I’d let the future happen to me, or take control of my own fortunes. Oh, and solve the mystery of course!

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Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures

‘I truly love the character of Gretchen, who is inept at spells and potions, but not by any means naïve or stupid. The secondary characters are fun, too, and P.A Mason takes the idea of a fairy tale retelling and runs with it in an original and engaging way.’

– Two Books Blog

‘This was such a creative story written in fairytale land of witches, trolls, dwarfs, and kings yet the dialogue was present day. I felt like I was watching a Disney movie with a hilarious witch.’

– Goodreads

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My story, ‘Displeasure of the Gods’, is part of this all aussie lineup of top local talent. Taurus is part of the Zodiac Anthology put together by Aussie Speculative Fiction, a thriving group of spec-fic authors on Facebook.

If you like tales of druids, old gods and wicked retribution, you’ll enjoy my (rather darker than usual) story in this collection. Who knows, you may even find your next favourite author!

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