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Murder Mystery Games

About Me

Paula Mason is an author based in regional Victoria, Australia. A lover of fantastical stories and faraway places, Paula uses her creative outlet to escape from her busy day job and (even busier) family.

By day, Paula is a social worker with a deep grounding in social justice and Child Protection. She works within her local Aboriginal community and is keenly interested in the ways that culture shapes identity, resilience, and healing.

Paula’s writing explores themes of power, privilege, anger, hope, love – and witches. Lots of witches.


Wait, I don't see all of your books here?

Some of my titles are in the Kindle Unlimited program at Amazon, which requires exclusivity. This means I can't distribute the eBook copy anywhere other than Amazon. Even in my own store... sigh.

Why do you use AI voices?

Producing audiobooks costs thousands of dollars, and while I wholeheartedly support the industry of human narrators, I see a use for AI technology for books which would never make it into audio otherwise.

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Shopify is used by thousands of people every day. Checkout is completely secure, and your information will be handled with the utmost respect.

But what if I lose the eBook or Audiobook? Isn't a regular retailer easier?

When you purchase through my store, you'll have the support of a company called BookFunnel. You'll receive a follow-up email from them with clear instructions on how to get the book onto your device. They have a neat app, too. So if you ever misplace your purchase, you'll always find it on the BookFunnel app.