Asha Lopez never imagined she'd be caught up in an inter-realm war. But everything changed the night portals opened on Earth and granted her magical powers.

When Asha returns from a security detail in the dwarven capitol, she's tasked with learning a new language from a hostile elven prisoner. He's enigmatic, handsome, and a complete pain in the ass.


What Readers Say...

"Amazing! I Loved this so much." - Person

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"Asha and the world are incredible, I can't wait to read more in this world."

  • A world with new magic under military rule...

  • An Arcane Forces Officer who never asked to be a soldier...

  • An elf prisoner with secrets that could change everything...

About the Author

Paula Mason is an author based in regional Victoria, Australia. A lover of fantastical stories and faraway places, Paula uses her creative outlet to escape from her busy day job and (even busier) family.

By day, Paula is a social worker with a deep grounding in social justice and Child Protection. She works within her local Aboriginal community and is keenly interested in the ways that culture shapes identity, resilience, and healing.

Paula’s writing explores themes of power, privilege, anger, hope, love – and witches. Lots of witches.