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Draft Beers & Drop Bears eBook (Amazon)

Draft Beers & Drop Bears eBook (Amazon)

Trouble Down Under Book 3


Flying solo at a wedding. A poisoned guest. Suddenly a suspect.

Finally fitting into the small town of Myrtleglen, Kat is thrilled when she’s invited to a wedding, and hopes a certain landscaper will be there. But as she makes small talk with a fellow single gal at the reception, her hopes of romance are dashed when the woman collapses after vomiting all over Kat’s shoes.

When it turned out the woman died in hospital, Kat becomes a suspect for the murder, even though she’d known the victim for all of five minutes. Scrutiny from the regular law was one thing, but as a registered magic user with a flare for all things botanical, Kat had to evade the attention of the magical Inquisition. And with the imminent launch of her nursery venture, clearing her name before her mug shot made it into the paper had to be the number one priority.

Getting the jump on the surly detective on the case wasn't so hard.. But getting to the bottom of the murder was going to be tougher than Kat thought. Finding the motive to murder someone she barely knew would take all the magical and mundane resources she could get her hands on.

Draft Beers & Drop Bears is the third book in the Trouble Down Under series—a paranormal cozy mystery with a horticultural twist. If you enjoy travel, small town mysteries, a dash of gardening and a splash of magic, you’ll love P.A. Mason’s quirky Aussie take on small town cozies.

Buy Draft Beers & Drop Bears on Amazon for a trip Down Under from the comfort of your home!

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Why isn't this available in your store?

Some of my books are in the Kindle Unlimited program on Amazon which requires exclusivity. The Kindle Unlimited program is a subscription model which allows readers to read unlimited books per month in the program, but you can also purchase the book there as well.

Will this title become available in your store in the future?

I am committed to being a direct selling author, so once this series is finished, I plan on making it available on the website.