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An Unforeseen Demise eBook (Amazon)

An Unforeseen Demise eBook (Amazon)

Trouble Down Under Book 1


A dead seer who didn’t see it coming. A trip halfway across the world. A hex to outrun.

Kat is at a crossroads in life. Nursing a broken heart at the Crowe ancestral home after a recent break-up, a series of accidents plagues her—and she doesn’t believe in coincidences. When the family learns of Great Aunt Tabby’s death all the way in Australia, Kat struggles to reconcile why the seer hadn’t given them forewarning.

To figure out why—and put some distance between herself and bad juju—Kat volunteers to see to Aunt Tabby’s affairs in person and ensure magical family heirlooms don’t fall into the wrong hands. No sooner as she hits the tarmac Down Under, she stumbles at the first hurdle. The heirlooms are gone.

Convinced of a more sinister explanation to her aunt’s death, Kat must launch her own investigation in a foreign country armed only with green magic and gumption. Between the locals, wildlife, and both magical and mundane authorities, has she got what it takes to discover the truth?

An Unforeseen Demise is the first book in the Trouble Down Under series—a paranormal cozy mystery with a horticultural twist. If you enjoy travel, small town mysteries, a dash of gardening, and a splash of magic, you’ll love P.A. Mason’s quirky Aussie take on small town cozies.

Buy An Unforeseen Demise on Amazon for a trip Down Under from the comfort of your home!

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Why isn't this available in your store?

Some of my books are in the Kindle Unlimited program on Amazon which requires exclusivity. The Kindle Unlimited program is a subscription model which allows readers to read unlimited books per month in the program, but you can also purchase the book there as well.

Will this title become available in your store in the future?

I am committed to being a direct selling author, so once this series is finished, I plan on making it available on the website.