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Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures 4-6 Boxed Set eBook

Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures 4-6 Boxed Set eBook

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Books 4-6 in this hilarious high fantasy witch series all wrapped up in a neat boxed set.

Witches Teeth

The last time Gretchen thought about tooth fairies she was a kid, but now she has an unwanted night visitor fixated on her chompers. When she learns that witches teeth are a valuable commodity, Gretchen draws a link between the realm of tooth fairies and her missing Great Aunt Esme.

Psycho Mirror

A morning which started with tax collectors ends up with Gretchen offering her clandestine services to the King himself. One friend is missing, the other arrested, both of them in the kingdom of Extor. With a little help from the Witches Academy, Gretchen must figure out what an enchanted mirror has to do with the current state of politics.

Halloween Date Night

Ghosts run rampant in fleshly bodies under the Halloween moon, and Gretchen only wanted a quiet night in to perform a summoning.But then she met Ed, and things went downhill from there. This ghost failed to materialize, and is late for a date night with his wife

If you like fairy tale retellings with a good dose of humor, wit, and sometimes crazy witchy fun you’ll enjoy this boxed set.


Format: eBook
Print Length: 200 pages
Genre: Humorous High Fantasy
Series: Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures 4-6 boxed set
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