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Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures 10-12 Boxed Set audiobook

Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures 10-12 Boxed Set audiobook

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The last three instalments in this hilarious high fantasy witch series all wrapped up in a neat bundle.

The Head of the Horseman

Getting waylaid in the forest by a headless horseman wasn’t what Gretchen was expecting in the dead of night, and she’s on a mission to get her hat back from this ghostly thief. And evict her new houseguest while she’s at it. Nora has given up her position with the baron, and has grandiose plans of taking up a seat on the Witches Council. Gretchen doesn’t have the heart to tell her it’s a long shot, but can’t put up with her crowding up the cottage indefinitely.

The Kingmaker’s Sword

Gretchen always knew her trusty infinity pouch held a world full of secrets, but she didn’t imagine she was carrying around a relic that could bring down a kingdom. Or that it would land her into a boiling pot where she ends up a fugitive from the witches and wizards alike. But standing accused of a shocking crime she didn’t commit, this witch refuses to give in.

Queen Mab’s Castle

The glimmer of a portal in the sky is too much to resist when Gretchen finds herself feeling old and frumpy. And on the other side it’s all booze and parties.Then she finds someone who looks a lot like Aunt Esme, and all thoughts of a bender are pushed aside. Fleeing into the fairy forest, Gretchen learns she’s stumbled into Queen Mab’s realm, and is now the fox fleeing the hounds.

For lighthearted fun with fickle moments of tragedy and feel good moments, join Gretchen on her travels in this final boxed set. You can't help but cheer for this purveyor of potions, unlikely champion of the downtrodden, and all round good samaritan of the magical world.

'This story reminded me irresistibly of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Witch books' - Two Books Blog


Format: Auto Narration (AI)
Duration: 5h 12m 0s
Genre: Humorous High Fantasy
Series: Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures 10-12 boxed set
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