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Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures: The Complete Collection paperback

Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures: The Complete Collection paperback

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Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures is a treasury of witchy tales by P.A. Mason who takes age old stories and twists them around Gretchen, a hopelessly hilarious witch with a heart of gold. These thirteen novellas span across the breadth of a fantastical land where witches might be at the bottom of the food chain, but that won't stop our hero from saving the day wherever she goes.

From enterprising dragons, frog princes, sinister mirrors, fairy realms, Halloween hauntings, and even  a headless highwayman horseman, the echo of familiar rings through these stories in a truly unique way. If you enjoy fairy tale retellings that don't take themselves too seriously, Gretchen might be just the ticket.

For lighthearted fun with fickle moments of tragedy and feel good moments, join Gretchen on her travels in this complete collection. You can't help but cheer for this purveyor of potions, unlikely champion of the downtrodden, and all round good samaritan of the magical world.

A damsel is in distress. A prince is on his way. All is not as it seems - The Damsel Gauntlet

'This story reminded me irresistibly of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Witch books' - Two Books Blog




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US Trade (6 x 9in)

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715 pages


Humorous High Fantasy


Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures

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