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The FREE Sandwich Thief Mystery Game

The FREE Sandwich Thief Mystery Game

Zoom murder mystery game

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This murder mystery style game surrounds the grievous workplace crime of stealing a sandwich from the staff kitchen. The payroll officer is set to walk out after her lunch goes missing, which means nobody will get paid this week until the culprit is apprehended!

Taking approximately an hour to complete in a group of ten, this free game is designed for use in video conferencing software such as Zoom, but can also be played in person. For smaller groups, character cards can be omitted, and instructions on how to design additional characters for larger groups are included in the facilitation guide.

The game play involves question rounds and voting on who the group think stole the sandwich, and should include theatrics and laughter along the way. Perfect for team building and wellbeing in the workplace, this game is a cheap and cheerful way to bring people together and solve the case.

This pack includes:

1 x 13 page PDF facilitation guide with all 10 character cards

10 x individual PDF character cards for distribution to players

That's it. That's all you'll need to guide your team through an entertaining hour of amateur sleuthing which will keep everyone guessing without the hassle of spending hours planning it.

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